San Holo releases two new tracks: ‘(if only i could) hold you’ and a Midnight Kids remix of ‘Honest’ – Dancing Astronaut

San Holo relinquished two tracks from his hard drive, beginning with a freshly minted production, “(if only i could) hold you”—an emotive number off a new project called stay vibrant. It maintains the instrumentalist’s moody aesthetic, rinsing mellow guitar accents, sustained bass, drowsy vocal chops, and a touch of percussion through a lo-fi filter to create cloudy atmosphere.

While many electronic tracks exist to uplift, San Holo develops dips into more poignant tones for his single that feel particulalry apt for today’s climate. It’s this ability to convey emotional complexity that has allowed San Holo to take his brand of future bass to the forefront of dance music.

Additionally, the bitbird head honcho’s “Honest” feeler with Broods received remix treatment from The Midnight Kids, whose rendition of keeps the heavenly sentiment of the original with different sweeping synths in pre-chorus. The pace picks up in the second hald, with a more percussive, future house build making the remix fit for clubs.

Last Wednesday, the bitbird family took place in the livestream environment with A Virtual Night with bitbird that saw San Holo, DROELOETaska BlackRome in SilverTails, and Underscores spin virtually.

Photo credit: Rukes