San Holo shares guitar-led fourth single from ‘stay vibrant’ project [Stream]

San Holo strays further from his future bass foundations to foray further into singer-songwriter stylistics on “idk anything (demo),” the fourth release in the producer’s family of stay vibrant material. “idk anything (demo)” extends the guitar involvement of its predecessor, “in the end i just want you to be happy,” in a consecutive exposition of San Holo’s guitar chord capacities and the indie-leaning constructions that result.

Vocals and the metallic strumming of these notes jointly occupy the sonic centerstage on “idk anything (demo)” as San Holo expands his stock of sounds that some might characterize as antithetical to all of the electronically fueled efforts that he’s released to date. The amplification of the sound of guitar riffs at the outro create a rising cacophony of instrumental sound that provides a formidable close to the number, which arrives as yet another example of San Holo’s chameleonic potential.

Featured photo: Rukes