Sandro Silva & Angger Dimas – Dance With Me

Sandro Silva & Angger Dimas - Dance With Me

62%Overall Score

• No experiments from Dimas
• Repetitive melody with an energetic bass
• The pair reunited after 12 years.

My respect for Angger Dimas has always remained particularly because of his unconventional and particular style. Give a listen to “Phat Brahms” with DV&LM and Aoki (not the 2.0) to get an exact measure of what I am talking about here: it’s eerie and contorted sounds still stay fresh in mind even after a decade!

In the past years, I lost track of him as he was busy with experimental and independent releases based on SoundCloud, and now we met again thanks to Sandro Silva. It is surprising to see Sandro on Aoki’s Dim Mak again knowing he had a successful run on W&W’s Rave Culture.

Anyways, the two old colleagues (their previous joint efforts of “Get Lower” and “Paranoia” remixes have turned 12!) decided to reunite for a Big Room slapper, just to keep things fresh. “Dance With Me” has no frills: just a wild, underground buildup rushing towards a drop that features a bit of Trance, but is ample with Sandro Silva’s signature. Also, even Tujamo with that drop lead?

While nostalgia is fine and dandy, I felt a touch disappointed by Dimas as his presence on the drop is undeterminable, leaving with my curiosity of how it would have changed with his twists. The dreamy breakdown, which nearly turns into a Trance song, is another W&W-type detail that sounds more like Sandro Silva than his Indonesian collaborator. What happened to that distorted signature, or the surprising details?

This turns “Dance With Me” a bit forgettable, considering that the melody is straightforward and repetitive. Well done yes, with an energetic bassline, yet far from being the glorious comeback that I was hoping for. The pair still hold the potential to do so!

You can listen to “Dance With Me” here:

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