Sandro Silva – Ibiza 7AM

• Sandro’s 1st solo release on Rave Culture
• Well-suited for festivals
• Old school Big Room in a new fashion

Despite all signs telling us that the summer of this year is well done for, it is yet to be over for many Dance music performers. Dutch solo Sandro Silva knows that and has proved us wrong, with his recent comeback being a daylight suited festival anthem, “Ibiza 7AM”. This marks the first single release the Dutch veteran has done on the esteemed Rave Culture imprint. Also worth-mentioning is the fact that this specific instrumental serves as a follow-up of “Payback”, which he released over seven summers ago as he intends to rejuvenate the older style.

Premiered by W&W in Parookaville, and then made as an intro for NWYR during Tomorrowland’s Around The World virtual set, this single already caught attention pre-release. “Ibiza 7AM” introduces itself with a mellow-pitched vocal loop, which is substantially led by a Trance-y Arp synth and subtle pads to intensify the mood alongside. A rather aggressive build-up adjoins and uplifts the atmosphere, while the strongly potent kick hits without much warning. The drop-synths are very much recognisable as the signature of the mentioned artist, which play over a standard riff to attenuate the stamina, however bereft of further experimentation.

Somehow, Sandro manages adeptly to inject modernistic feels in his old-school cut blueprints, managing to stick to the very sound which gave him recognition. “Ibiza 7AM” is another brilliant addition to Rave Culture: a tried and tested formula with a pinch of summer freshness to energize the crowds in the sets!

You can listen to “Ibiza 7AM” here:

Rave Culture · Sandro Silva – Ibiza 7AM