Sandro Silva & KEVU – Royal EP

• Battle-themed tonality
• Strong influence of early Big Room
• Esoteric nature thanks to the vocal

After their respective releases on Rave Culture, both Sandro Silva and the Portuguese duo KEVU are back, and this time they are here for their first EP together called “Royal“. It consists of two separate productions, “The Night King” and “Champion Sound”. The first one was released last Monday, as a starter for Silva and KEVUs’ joint-effort. Meanwhile, the second one, “Champion Sound” will be released tonight (at the time of writing) and I have explained as to why they promised us with these collaborations.

Joao, on behalf of the Portuguese pair known as KEVU, mentioned that he is working along with Dutch act Sandro Silva last February. He did tease fifteen seconds of drop from his Instagram stories until it premiered as a one minute version on “The Future Heroes of Big Room” by Rave Culture. Well, the track was still an ID until the latter made world premieres of both instrumentals at Kingsday Revealed and We Own The Night live-stream. Couple of weeks later, we felt excited when they mentioned of their upcoming EP and titled it as “Royal”. But my initial thought that it would be “Embrace the Darkside”. Turns out, it was for an EP for both of the featured tracks.

Alright, lets dive into the contents of “Royal” without further digression:

The Night King

Catching my attention immediately was the drop, tuned impressively. The slowness and hulking nature of the segment is admirable. Added to it is the mystical and medieval sounding breakdown, which offered us to the kingdom of Rave Culture. Another aspect was the battle-ready tonality, which indicated that the first chapter hasn’t concluded yet, only to blasted by another round of the former portion!

Rave Culture · Sandro Silva x KEVU – The Night King [Royal EP]

Champion Sound

The battle has begun, and the surge of adrenaline from it present in this song as well. The esoteric vocal snippet, chanting “Embrace The Darkside” (definitely not the voice of Darth Vader though), leads us to the excited section of the drop. The kick so utilized, reminded me of the Carnage edit of “Jump Off” by BL3R and Andreas Fresko, released back in 2015. There is a ringing of victory in this one, elevating the atmosphere and the stamina in this.

Anyways, I could not expect any less from this synergy because there is a healthy evidence of a proper teamwork, and Rave Culture is to be credited for resurrecting and refreshing the endeared Big Room sound from the yesterdays.

Rave Culture · Sandro Silva x KEVU – Champion Sound [Royal EP]