“Save Me” By Majestic317 Is An Absolute Must-Hear

Innovative new artist Majestic317 just dropped his single “Save Me”, an otherworldly track that takes form and shape right in front of our eyes. The song features stunning soundscapes and percussion that will transport you into a fantasy world, while the artist’s singing and lyrics will bring you back to reality. Thought-provoking and at the same time chill and smooth, “Save Me” has a novel feel with every musical phrase coming to a full stop and then starting anew. 

“It’s like, are you here to waste my time, teach me a lesson, hurt me, help me, or love me? Am I going to be alone if I show you who I truly am and how I feel,” the artist said, speaking about his latest creation. “I’m the outspoken message deliverer. The person who infuses common sense and perspective into their music. I’m the artist who will blend my personal experiences and others’ experiences into one but make it relatable to all,” he continued. Majestic317 spoke in more detail in his interview, which you can read here

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