Seekay Drops A Massive Track – His New Collaboration With Chloe Titled “Wiser”

It seems like the producer Seekay and songstress Chloe’s collaboration is a match made in heaven. They are releasing their third joint project titled “Wiser” after sharing with the masses their tracks “Hold” and “Fall.”
“Wiser” has clear heavenly melodies with soaring verses and a punchy chorus that wastes no time settling in your brain. “Wiser” separately, and all of Seekay’s works collectively are showing highly personal and honest electro/pop/dance songs that do not only leave a lasting impression through the lyrics and the vocals of Chloe on some of the tracks but on the hooks and productions as well.

“Wiser” is a sophisticated, fully realized body of work and shows off the endless potential of both Seekay as a music producer and Chloe as a vocalist.