Seven Lions, Jason Ross, Crystal Skies – Foolish of Me (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)

• Perfect chemistry between vocal and beats
• Heart-warming melody, colorful sensations
• Jonathan giving his best performance ever

Heavyweights of the Ophelia Records have finally united in “Foolish of Me”! Its esteemed founder Seven Lions has teamed up with talented duo Crystal Skies and American producer Jason Ross, along with veteran vocalist Jonathan Mendelsohn (first time seeing him outside the realm of Electro House or Hardstyle). Ophelia is a gold mine, and every release from this imprint deserves accolades for their quality. The wait has been far too long for a Dubstep belter like this, and the outcome has been nothing short of magnificent and fulfilling for the anticipating ears.

To begin with, Jonathan’s performance is thrilling. His voice resonates with energy and the feelings he transmits are hard to put down in black and white. His powerful tenor joined by the heartfelt ensemble makes for a minimalistic intro in this composition, while the voice slowly elevates to create a build-up of its own, a thing I admire because of the sheer enthusiasm involved.

I know Dubstep has a more aggravating mentality which causes its fanatics to some neck problems.. and this one may not be an exception considering it leans towards the dreamy melody combined with gritty synths, making me reminisce of “Never Say Die”? That’s a satisfying observation for me. Arranged with a soaring hook and growl-y synths, the intensity hits a notch above expectations! This could induce nostalgia for many listeners, as the atmosphere is lucid.

This tune, personally, has turned out to be my favorite and a total recommendation for anyone interested in the Electronic spectrum. Throw aside the fact whether you are a fan of this particular genre or not, as this meticulous production has a strong chance of forcing you to press repeat on it with its alluring and appeasing tonality!

You can listen to “Foolish Of Me” here:

Seven Lions · Seven Lions, Jason Ross, Crystal Skies – Foolish of Me (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)