Seven Lions – Sun Won't Rise Feat. Rico And Miella (Ra Remix)

Ra is known as the Egyptian god the Sun. Abe Nour is also known as >Ra. However, instead the sun, this Ra’s realm is in the studio and on the decks. Ra has released a blistering remix a Seven Lions track f the latest EP, Where I Won’t Be Found. What song you may ask? Sun Won’t Rise obviously.

Ra transforms the beautiful ambient vocal driven track into a melodic dubstep gem. The added drums and electric guitar bring in new detentions. Ra’s complex understanding melody mixed with his sawing synths make for a dynamic final result.

Remixing Seven Lions is no easy thing to do. I see a lot producers take on such a task and come up short. Ra smashed this remix out the park. You can catch Ra dropping this song as well as others at a MitiS show, soon to be announced, as well as the Imagine Festival where he has a residency. For now, you can listen to the track below.

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