She’s Powerful, And She’s Here To Steal The Throne. Priceless Scott – “Drag On”

Priceless Scott is the next stellar female rap artist - 16 Digital's signee. "Drag On" is the latest release off her most recent EP, Pressure makes Diamonds. Her fierce nature adds up to a presence that creates powerful energies capable of captivating audiences worldwide. 

A rapping style that could be considered bold and raw. Priceless Scott's signature approach defies all norms and exceeds all expectations. Dressed in tight clothing, she appears with an explosive look, with fire and smoke surrounding her. An aura that transcends all norms, Florida's own fast-rising star shows that she has what it takes to mark her place in the music industry. 

"Drag On" is undoubtedly one of the first to come. The anticipation for future releases is getting higher by the day. This release shows that Priceless Scott has what it takes to become a major player in Hip-Hop.