Showtek’s Latin-Inspired “Una Mamacita” via Universal Music

The DJ/producer duo Showtek ventures into Latin music with the release of “Una Mamacita” featuring the vocal talents of Mexican singer Belinda and Venezuelan singer Nacho via Universal Music.

Showtek trades in their big room sound for a more relaxing venture with the pop-infused Latin-inspired track. Belinda heads the song’s introduction alongside alluring strums before Nacho takes over in the middle with his rich voice. The Dutch brothers complement the singers’ velvety vocal talents with a magnetizing command of the track’s beats.

Showtek shared their comments on the song, saying, “The song has been a really fun process. We all met for the first time in the studio in Miami and were supposed to do a three-hour session but we ended up recording until 5 in the morning. When we left the studio we felt we had a smash record, you can really hear the good vibes in the song when you listen to it. As Showtek we always try to surprise people with what we do and we love the outcome of this song.”

Showtek’s “Una Mamacita” is simply the beginning of what new musical adventures the duo intends to embark on. It displays a vastly different but welcomed experience for fans of Showtek.

Stream or listen to “Una Mamacita”

Stream the song via Universal Music or listen to “Una Mamacita” below.