Sikdope – Myself

• Contrasting and different style
• Repetitive vocal, even with pitch alterations
• Catchy but predictable melody

Being a producer that has always been focused on offering unique material to the masses since 2016, Sikdope has been meandering to either find a new style or attempting to give “back to the roots” sensation. “Myself” is the newest work from the alias, signifying a total change from what he released prior, and a spent force.

It is unfortunate to see Sikdope’s style disappear, as the Polish producer decided to craft a simpleton of a Dance track that isn’t revolutionary, but at least has some good attributes despite repetitiveness. “Myself” doesn’t stray to more complex mechanisms, as there are two elements and both loop all over again.

At least, the iconic low pitch vocal used in most of Sikdope’s work is present, the echo of which emanates a mysterious aura that is much enjoyable. Although the melody’s presence is an ear-candy, it doesn’t add up for the rest, becoming predictable and near-irrelevant part for this production, considering the fact that main riffs should always be pinnacle of every well-produced record.

Getting into this style, we have a structure that sticks to the basics and has been heard a thousand times, composed of hi-hats, claps and snares with a relaxed 130 BPM rhythm. The second drop comes off as more danceable, and a bit more creative I daresay, thus making it enjoyable from the other dull parts.

“Myself” presents a fine idea, only to fail its primary objectives without an overall mind-grabbing theme that is most requisite. Sticking to comfortable standards, it doesn’t stray far from its plain groove. Definitely not the Sikdope I know of.

You can listen to “Myself” here:

Sikdope · Myself