“Silent Night” By Riotron & GOLDHOUSE Is Unlike Any Other Christmas Cover

Unlike any other cover of the song “Silent Night” previously attempted, the Canadian singer-songwriter Jeff Fettes’ alter ego Ritron’s take on this classic is simply as sublime as it is original. Riotron has collaborated with GOLDHOUSE, the talented DJ, and the pair have certainly proven to have a special chemistry combining Riotron’s hypnotically transportative vocals with GOLDHOUSE’s sophisticated blend of minimalist electronic elements. 

This grandiose performance well conveys Riotron’s special understanding of sonorities and power to expose his deepest nature through music, whether electronic or acoustic. The extraordinary listening experience acts as a reignition of a fire long lost within our souls.

I’m Sorry” and “Dark Highway,” two of Riotron’s most popular releases have considerably expanded his exposure, with “Silent Night” dropped with perfect timing to attract more fans as the Holiday season kicks-in. 

Speaking about the essence of his sound, Riotron shared: “My music is about forgiving ourselves for our flaws. It’s about the transformation out of dark spaces and coming into the light,” Fettes said regarding his current set of 80’s inspired singles. “It is meant for anyone who has lived through mistakes that eventually inspired them to a stronger, more honest place.”  

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