Simon Gregory Aces Solo FSOE Argento Debut With ‘Finding Faith’

Start your week with the best dose of filth and melody, all combined.

It’s Progressive Trance time again! Producer Simon Gregory has made his official FSOE Argento debut as a solo artist with his latest single ‘Finding Faith‘, unveiled on Friday. The single follows a string of releases that have put the British in the spotlight due to consistent quality across his work.

Just this year alone, the man behind today’s single has been involved in a handful of tunes, for instance, ‘Tension‘ and ‘Apollo‘ alongside Nitrous Oxide, and on his own, he’s released ‘F.O.S‘ and — my personal favourite — ‘Feel Music In The Air‘. ‘Finding Faith’ comes to be his first FSOE Argento release outside of his Digital Drift pieces.

“This rounds out my solo releases for 2023, but stay tuned for more releases in 2024!!”

-Simon Gregory.

‘Finding Faith’

As we mentioned previously, Gregory’s latest is a fine craft, blending filth and melody in equal parts. A subtly-saturated bassline is the companion to the kick this time during the first drop, giving more room for that old Trance spirit we all know and love. Progressively, the chords and the progression build up and turn the song into a symphony.

During the break, plucks, pads, arpeggios, and pianos all come alive to set up a sky-high atmosphere, which doesn’t finish building with snares and instead simply shifts over all the elements to the melodic drop. It’s a simple formula, but a rather successful one. We’re always delighted to hear that old Trance sound back in store.

Listen to Simon Gregory‘s ‘Finding Faith‘ by clicking the ‘Play‘ button below on the Spotify embed you all know by heart. Alternatively, click here to travel to YouTube, and here to support the single on your platform of choice.