Sir Ivan’s ‘Peace On Earth’: A Heartfelt Dance Anthem with a Charitable Twist

Here with his newest release, ‘Peace On Earth,’ Sir Ivan is back to showcase his powerful signature sound, delivering a track sure to captivate genre enthusiasts worldwide. With an impressive release catalogue to date, Sir Ivan continues to bring striking music to his fans, emerging as a beacon of support during times of crisis. A true humanitarian when it comes to donating to charitable causes, it is no surprise that Sir Ivan has earned the title Peaceman. With every release, Sir Ivan gives back, directing proceeds from his singles to his non-profit charity, The Peaceman Foundation; as he releases this new track, Sir Ivan continues to prove his place as an influential philanthropist, pledging to donate all proceeds to the State of Israel during its current time of conflict.  

At the very core of Sir Ivan appears a loyal devotion to helping those in need; pairing his impressive creative talents with his desire to support causes close to his heart, Sir Ivan has carved out a unique path within the Electronic Music realm, one that sees him innovating the place of the Artist both within the genre and beyond. His music tackles hard-hitting concepts like universal peace and love, delivering moving and sonically surprising productions that continue to impress time and time again. This latest track is not only an unmissable listen sonically but a release rooted in deep meaning for this gifted Artist; having had a long-standing connection with Israel, the support he now offers serves as a reflection of his personal relationship with the country and is therefore one particularly close to his heart.  

‘Peace On Earth’ delivers a hypnotic sonic adventure, guiding listeners through thumping beats, electrifying synth lines, powerful vocal hooks, and a bold bassline; as intense risers enter and the mix becomes energised by hard-hitting sonic layers, listeners are summoned to join the party. This new release from Sir Ivan delivers an enthralling listening experience sure to mark ‘Peace On Earth’ as a firm favourite amongst his fans.  

Serving as a powerful reminder of his status as Peaceman, Sir Ivan’s new release is sure to have an impact both on listeners and the cause it supports. So, whether you’re a regular buyer of digital music or not, make sure this is a single that you do purchase and be sure your contribution counts. ‘Peace On Earth’ is out now and available in all major online stores and leading streaming platforms.  

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