Skrillex Fans Suspect A New Release Is Coming Next Week

Skrillex is preparing to drop a new album on the world – that much we know. Any other details including collaborators, tracklists, and specifically a release date are still very much unknown.

Skrillex has begun played shows more regularly again. After to a few stops in Asia, and confirming two New Year's Eve performances, Skrillex has headed out to the Playa to both enjoy and play Burning Man.

Today he dropped a picture on Instagram him biking on the Playa with the seemingly innocuous caption, “I'll be back next week”. While this could obviously mean that Skrillex is just letting everyone know he will be at Burning Man until next week, fans on YouTube and believe it may mean something deeper.

Does this mean an announcement surrounding new music is hitting the web next week? Is it simply an announcement saying that he is unplugging for the next few days? Nobody can be sure, but just like anything involving Skrillex – the hype is incredibly real.