Skrillex,Fred Again.., Flowdan – Rumble

Skrillex,Fred Again.., Flowdan - Rumble

87%Overall Score

• Meticulous variations
• Blend of various styles
• Plenty of Skrillex’s signature

After maintaining a low-key figure over the last few years, Skrillex shocked many when his surprise announcement for “QFF/DGTC“, supposedly two separate albums, dropped under a single video teaser. Further, the news that he has been in cohorts with Fred Again.. spread wildfire of excitement, as the audience keenly waited for their first collaboration to be made public. And so it was when a formidable contender for electronic song of the year dropped even before 2023 fully fledged out, unexpectedly.

Many came to know of the existence of “Rumble” through the near viral boiler room set that the “Actual Life” creator played. Soon after, the internet did its thing and the snippets of the ID were floating throughout.

The key players of this creation are the merited producers. Skrillex has honed his craft to levels many upcoming producers worship his methodology, while Fred Again.. has achieved an upward trajectory owing to his unique sampling and cross-genre signature. Apart from this, Elly Duhe, a reputed songstress, makes a quick cameo with her vocals, and Flowdan steers the track with a robust dose of rap, adding a touch of steely UK Drill to the mix.

In many ways, the schematics of this song remain utterly eccentric. Not that one wouldn’t expect that: it maintains an obsession with abrupt gaps, maximizing its impact as synths dash around at ridiculous pacings. The cadence changes at its own will, at one point, adopting a jersey club rhythm out of nowhere. Shrewd placement of various one-shots and percussions throw in enough variations to reach a volatile edginess that many would appreciate. Although it’s a speculation, it is apparent that the American producer had a major say in the arrangements. Yes, some aspects point to Fred Again.. was involved, especially if one focuses on the vocals and other finer details. On the other hand, Four Tet was mentioned as an ‘honorary’ producer until being cut off from this project, but not making the final cut or being credited officially.

“Rumble”, in all fairness, is a bombastic opener for Skrillex’s upcoming albums. Already a favorite among ravers, this track won’t be fading away from popularity any time soon.

You can listen to “Rumble” here:

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