Skyline LA 2024: The Top 5 Must-See Acts in the Heart of Downtown

Skyline LA is poised to transform Downtown LA into an electrifying hub of house and techno rhythms. Taking place from February 24-25, at the Gloria Molina Grand Park, this is a weekend that you do not want to miss. As Insomniac’s Factory 93 and Day Trip join forces for the event’s third installment, attendees can expect an unparalleled blend of musical genres. This year’s iteration will feature a special nod to hard techno. Set against the urban sprawl of Downtown LA, Skyline LA will span across four city blocks. This promises to be an immersive festival experience that goes beyond music. One that will include light & art installations, as well as local food offerings. Furthermore, attendees can expect a sense of community within the Arts District. Here’s a rundown of the top five artists you can’t afford to miss at Skyline LA this year.

Top Five

1. CamelPhat

The dynamic duo known for their infectious beats and deep, melodic hooks, CamelPhat, is a must-see. Their ability to blend soulful vocals with pulsating house rhythms guarantees an unforgettable performance. One that will keep you dancing from start to finish. Known for their impeccable productions, their DJ sets are out of this world. This is a set that you do not want to miss.

2. Carl Cox (Hybrid Set)

Techno titan Carl Cox is bringing a unique hybrid set to Skyline LA which promises a blend of live electronic wizardry with his iconic turntable skills. Cox’s unparalleled energy and mastery of techno are sure to provide a standout moment of the festival. Check out this video from his set Hybrid set at Creamfields 2023, for an idea of what to expect.

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3. Klangkuenstler

Embracing the darker, more intense side of techno, Klangkuenstler is set to deliver a set that’s both powerful and emotionally charged. Known for his hard-hitting tracks, his performance is poised to be a highlight for fans of robust techno beats.

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4. Nico Moreno

Nico Moreno will inject raw, unfiltered energy into Skyline LA with his signature hard techno sound. Having just made his Los Angeles debut, seeing him back in the city so quickly is a godsend. You can expect a visceral journey through sound from the Insolent Rave Records label head that commands the dance floor with relentless intensity.

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Rounding out our top picks, PAWSA’s set is anticipated to be a masterclass in tech house. With groovy basslines and catchy rhythms, his performance is perfect for those looking to experience the full spectrum of house music. Check out his discography below for an idea of what to expect. There is a reason that PAWSA is one of the most in-demand acts in dance music right now, come find out why for yourself

Noteworthy Mentions

While the spotlight shines bright on our top five, Skyline LA’s lineup is brimming with talent. Don’t miss the chance to catch Marco Carola’s legendary techno sets, the soulful electronic fusion of Life On Planets, and LP Giobbi’s empowering house anthems.

Skyline LA’s Arts District is more than just a space; it’s a vibrant community hub designed to foster connections within the music scene. Adorned with various light and art installations and surrounded by local food spots, the Arts District stands as a testament to the festival’s commitment to creating an enriching, communal experience, housing some of the finest names in music. As you navigate through the eclectic sounds of Skyline LA, let the Arts District be your haven for relaxation, discovery, and community building.

In essence, Skyline LA 2024 is set to be an unforgettable weekend of music, art, and community in the heart of Downtown LA. With an impressive lineup that caters to a wide range of musical tastes, this festival is a must-attend for any electronic music enthusiast looking to explore the depths of house and techno. Lastly, for tickets, and more information, be sure to check out the official website, here.