Skytech x Regain – Bring The Fire

Skytech x Regain - Bring The Fire

86%Overall Score

• Captivating blend of Hardstyle, Bass House, Future Rave, and Big Room influences
• Uniquely reimagined classical structure
• Dynamic and ever-evolving composition

I must confess, it’s truly a delight to witness such an extraordinary amalgamation in “Bring The Fire,” especially considering its release on the renowned Spinnin’ Records! Despite my personal qualms about Timmy Trumpet’s failure to credit his ghostproducer, his label Sinphony remains a beacon of underground EDM quality amidst the occasional flood of Slap House releases on Spinnin’.

This collaboration brings together Skytech (known for his work on “Kundalini” with Headhunterz and his ventures alongside R3HAB), an artist known for his penchant for style experimentation, particularly in Bass House, and Regain, a Rawstyle producer specializing in the ferocious subgenre of Hardstyle.

“Bring The Fire” presents a wonderful opportunity to experience a convergence of influences within the realm of Bass House, with Regain distinctly showcasing his presence. The composition boasts familiar elements such as a pulsating bassline, accompanied by glitchy tonal variations and a Future Rave attitude in the first lead! Furthermore, the meticulously crafted buildup leads to a climactic sequence reminiscent of Big Room productions, truly highlighting the creative ingenuity at play. And, as a final gift, the grand finale delivers a powerful Hardstyle kick!

“Bring The Fire” is an exhilarating composition, brimming with a frenetic rhythm, genre-shifting moments, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering desire to captivate the listener. Mission accomplished, I would say! We certainly need more collaborations like this one, pushing boundaries and delivering impressive sonic experiences!

You can listen to “Bring The Fire” here: