SLANDER remix their own ‘Potions’ for stellar future-bass dubstep crossover

SLANDER and Said The Sky continue to have their 2019 hit “Potions” reworked, this time with a remix from the GUD VIBRATIONS duo themselves alongside the Swedish Monstercat export, Bossfight. As Described by SLANDER on social media as a melting pot of emotional feels and headbanging appeal, the description of the remix doesn’t get any more nail-on-the-head than that. Stacked with beautifully powerful future-bass melody hits alongside dubstep glitch patterns, the heavy section contrasts nicely with JT Roach’s serene vocals, showcasing SLANDER and Bossfight’s versatile remix work.

“Potions” also recently received an acoustic stripping, further adding to the track’s wide emotional range.

Featured image: Stefan Brending