Snails + Jauz "Jailz" Official Collab is Here

As you know, there's been a rumor swirling lately that Jauz and Snails were working on a new song together. Snails finally confirmed this rumor last week and said the song “Motherfucker” would be dropping this weekend.

Good news, it's here. And the song might just surprise you. “Motherfucker” is the bass house track you didn't know you needed. The beginning the song starts with a continuous voice yelling “Motherfucker, bad bitch” and then starts to build up to what you'd think was an epic bass drop (based on Snails very recognizable vomitstep sound), but it quickly turns to a house-type wobble, complete with underlying thuds bass. The whole time you'll hear echoes that signature phrase, mentioned above. Although the bass house track sounds closer to Jauz signature sound, you're able to spot the heavy bass influence all throughout, making this a dope collaboration between these two artists.

This is definitely not the first time these two bass music kings have come together to create music together. They are constantly seen touring together and running around in the same group friends, but this is the first time they've released a song as a duo. There's been some speculation that this partnership took flight after these guys played an impromptu “Jailz” set on Holy Ship this past year.

We love when we get a new song from two artists that never disappoint. And “Motherfucker” is exactly that. Check it out below.