Snapchat Breaks New Boundaries with Shareable Stories

One Snapchat’s biggest weaknesses is its users’ inability to “go viral” with friends sharing their content. Users cannot see a general list other Snapchat users, like you can on Instagram or Facebook, and are forced to either know a friend’s username, or Snapcode, or add them by phone number. However, a new update announced today could finally bring Snapchat “into the modern era,” so to speak.

With an update today, users can now send links Snapchat Stories for viewing outside the Snapchat app, opening up a world possibilities for marketers and influencers to utilize the app in a whole new way. The links do disappear after 30 days, however.

For now, the update is only available to users with the Snapchat redesign, currently only live in Canada, Australia, the U.K. A spokesperson for Snapchat says that all Snapchat users are expected to have it over the next few weeks.

Thanks to , we can see exactly how this new feature works.

Snapchat users can create links to Stories by holding down on the “tile” on the Discover page.

Then, they can copy that link and share it over text, email, or to another social network like Facebook or Twitter, for example.