Social Media Uproar After Somebody Brings a Baby to a Zeds Dead Show

A family took to Reddit to complain about other people’s behavior at a recent Zeds Dead show. They decided to take their 10-month-old baby to the show; what could go wrong? They complained about people bumping into them, drinks getting spilled on them, and it being so packed they couldn’t move at times. They must be mistaken about what a rave is.

They continued their note saying there was no other option as a parent but to bring their child to the bass event. Interesting. They even turned their comments off because as you imagine, the EDM community was baffled like us.

The Reddit thread ridicules this decision. It is a great read and I highly recommend it. Bringing a baby to an event with extreme sound levels is insane. The parents did comment on proper ear protection.

They also attempted to get a babysitter but couldn’t in time. It might be best to stay home if that is the case. Or maybe go to chiller events.

This family had previously brought this child to a Big Gigantic show and it all worked out fine. This was another experiment at an all-ages show and it didn’t go as planned.

What do you think about this?