Solstice – Tears In Rain

• A lovely tribute to Blade Runner
• Nostalgic 80s atmosphere
• Demonstration of technical supremacy by Solstice

Nowadays, it is really difficult to find an artist with a mature sound and a signature career project. In a world where money matters, most producers only focus on joining the trendy genres to maximize their earnings, losing its identity and creating a weird discography which is an amalgam of lots of different sounds and styles that make no sense together. Luckily, there are still some guys out there who think differently. Solstice is a clear example of this.

Honestly, in most cases I don’t enjoy the full discography of a producer. I can fall in love with a specific song, but I’m usually disappointed with other ones. In contrast with that, I can say that each Solstice’s new track is always better than his previous ones. Maintaining his characteristic synthwave essence and his signature hardstyle breathtaking leads, “Tears In Rain” represents the best things of both worlds.

Since the first bars, you’ll be immediately transported to the 80s. The vocal is based on the “Tears in rain” monologue delivered by Roy Batty in the sci-fi masterpiece Blade Runner. The background of these phrases results really shocking, especially right now when we are living a present that could be the perfect plot for those movies that talk about dystopic futures. It feels amazing to see that there are still “mainstream” compositions that can make you think about deep topics. The idea of using such a meaningful, complex and difficult element was the key factor for my 90+ grade.

Talking about the musical and technical aspect, this is just a ten out of ten. The kick is simply perfect, the leads are out of this world (hey producers, can you realize how difficult is to maintain the frequency balance in a sound while it’s going up and down between different octaves?) and the melody is moving and really expressive, it feels like it’s telling you something. I’m always impressed about the quality of Solstice’s music, but he continues beating himself release by release, so I can just take off my hat and clap.

As I said, I’ve been following this guy for a long time and he never disappointed me, so I encourage you to follow him and enjoy his beautiful musical journey. “Tears In Rain” is just the tip of the iceberg.

You can listen to “Tears In Rain” here:

Scantraxx · Solstice – Tears In Rain