Sonos redesign the Nasdaq's opening bell in honor of their IPO

US electronics brand Sonos is known for its instrumental role in developing smart speaker technology. After more than fifteen years of operation, the company has now decided to go public, making its IPO on the Nasdaq today. In honor of the brand’s momentous day, the Nasdaq enlisted Sonos sound engineers Giles Martin and Chris Jenkins to redesign their iconic opening bell.

The Sonos employees put their expertise in acoustics on display, testing a variety of percussive tools to best represent the sound of a bell. After landing on a set of reverberating Tibetan bowls, the sound experts strike the instruments with a variety of tools and carefully compose an alternative to the Nasdaq opening bell. Moreover, reports from Sonos suggest that the newly redesigned bell is here to stay. The company claims, “the new bell will continue to ring at Nasdaq, where countless more forward-thinking companies will launch their IPOs and where Nasdaq will set the pace for the markets each day.” Filled with texture and nuance, Sonos’ bell redesign cleverly showcases their competence in the sound technology sector to future shareholders everywhere.

H/T: The Verge