Sounds freaky! SCNDL & Vion Konger have mutated into Big Room Techno Trance

Sounds freaky! SCNDL & Vion Konger have mutated into Big Room Techno Trance

78%Overall Score

• Blend of genres, nice Techno buildup
SCNDL‘s bounce is missing
• Violent outcome

It is quite surprising to see SCNDL and Vion Konger pair up, given that they always worked on different genres in different labels, but it is nice to have them united in “Mutate”, released a few weeks ago on Dharma. I didn’t plan to release this draft until fully assured whether I was being too harsh on the duo due to personal preferences; after a second round, the track turned more admirable and worth-mentioning. So here we go.

Let’s start by saying that “Mutate” didn’t sit right with me at first due to absence of SCNDL’s touch in the dirty lead (he has often done Melbourne Bounce and Electro House) and Vion Konger having a dominant hold with Big Room Techno signature. It’s an aggressive tune, a get-together of genres and styles from both sides yet that melody felt flat compared to initial expectations.

However, I kind of realized that’s the point of trying to “mutate” Big Room Techno, the scope of this track, by involving other sounds that I am more familiar with hearing in different contexts. Thus, a Bounce lead over a less dynamic setting makes sense, especially with a rather bulky kick and bassline. After some listening sessions, it is convincing enough.

The best part arrives with the final build-up, where a W&W-inspired Trance sequence paints a colorful and melodic tone on “Mutate”, concluding the experience with a dirtier finale. That’s where the idea shines, as several genres were joined together in a more natural transition than before the first drop. Very satisfying, with a pinch of Trance coming to the rescue!

Yes, I didn’t like “Mutate” at first, but then I slowly realized it’s a courageous and interesting venture! After some weeks of delay, I can gladly recommend this!

You can listen to “Mutate” here: