Space Laces puts us “IN THE PLACE” with his insanely entertaining festival anthem

Space Laces puts us "IN THE PLACE" with his insanely entertaining festival anthem

87%Overall Score

• Definition of a headbanger
• Seamless Dubstep
• Impressively executed buildups

Space Laces is and has been a venerated icon in the bass music community; receiving heaps of praise in engineering fun-packed, heavily energetic tunes that jab every single time and manage to stand out as singular within the bass music industry. “IN THE PLACE”— his latest creation— is no exception to this with nearly four minutes of mindless banger incorporating distinct genres. It has a lot of craziness and chaos going for it, so you’ll be compelled to start shaking wildly by the end of the track!

Starting with a nostalgic 8-bit melody (reminiscent of iconic electro house from the 2010s), the lighthearted and chipper intro is a total contrast to the subsequent insanity waiting to unfold.

The intro quickly switches into this gnarly Acid bassline, complementing the buildup for the first drop. This transition is a major highlight— powerful and adrenaline-inducing with the risers implemented simply amplifying this rushing attribute even more. It excites the song to an immense level, matching the intensity and madness about to ensue. All credit is due to the exquisite production skills of the American moniker!

Robust and heavy-hitting Dubstep drop smashes in with a barrage of stabs that straight-up sound like a machine gun fire; a classic yet well-produced drop incorporating modernistic sound design, reinforced with said stabs. There are a multitude of aggressive basses and growls littered throughout this drop— a sheer wizardry of basswork from Space Laces! Whereas the drop exactly doesn’t strive to be unique in my opinion, the dexterity makes this drop perfectly suitable for bassheads out there to headbang freely! After that, the midsection takes a moment to tone things down, bring back the nostalgic melody, and last less than ten seconds before giving in to the build-up.

Without a doubt, the second drop is a spectacle to be witnessed and my favorite moment. A curveball is thrown right away as the listener is hit by a fake-out drop which leads its way to the actual deal. Switching things up, the halftime drums are gone and instead, we get a remarkably aggressive four-on-the-floor Techno affair that checks all the fun boxes. It’s masterfully designed as a memorable finish— exuding a similar turbulent energy— creating an eerie and esoteric atmosphere not heard before. Accompanied by horn-like stabs (typically heard in Trap records) in the latter part, this effective Techno-climax brings variety and power to this athletic tune.

“IN THE PLACE” is all about the raw and potent chaos that brings unabashed excitement. It doesn’t particularly create something with a deeper meaning, or incorporate unusual sound design; it doesn’t need all that. The main agenda here is to go as hard as possible and provide a memorable and fun experience to the witnesses— listening at home or festivals alike.

P.S. – If you want to have a little laugh, listen till the very end!

You can listen to “IN THE PLACE” here: