Spce Cadex's Beautiful Bass Collab

Out now under the NCS record label is a killer bass track. Spce CadeX is reaching out from their deep space mission to transmit some new frequencies. Collaborating with another masked duo, ‘Holding You' by Spce CadeX x Unknown Brain (ft. Max Landry) is a perfectly woven tapestry sound. Spce CadeX is fresh f a hot remix The Chainsmokers' – ‘Honest', and a very recent guest mix on Neon Owl Radio. With this newest single, they even found their way into the iTunes charts. Earning a stop in the top albums with their contribution to NCS' Best 2017 Album. With this beautiful bass track to ring in the new year, one thing is for sure. We'll be holding on for the next transmission from Spce CadeX.