Spencer Brown & Qrion Team Up On Hot Collaboration ’20ms’

The latest from two of the most creative minds out there just saw the light of day. And it’s all you could ask for.

Spencer Brown and Qrion are two artists who have made a name for themselves in the Music industry. By now, if you haven’t heard of them — how —, here’s a little list of summits they’ve conquered in the past: Spotify Japan’s EQUAL Artist, founder of a record label, DJ Mag’s Future Star of 2021, releases on Anjunadeep, Mau5trap, and the completion of three studio albums combined. These guys are all-in as of today, and the quality of their music truly shows.

After a handful of collaborations — ‘Foggy August‘, ‘Rainy April‘, ‘What U Feel‘, and more —, they’ve joined forces once again to release ‘20ms‘, a track lifted from Spencer’s forthcoming album Equanimity. The album is set to come out on September 29th via his own imprint, diviine.

Just saying, ’20ms’ is the second single revealed from Spencer’s album. And so far, here at EDMTunes, we’re two for two on acing our predictions regarding the album. Quoting the article linked above: “From what we can see from his latest Instagram post, the album contains eleven tracks, out of which seven are collaborations. Some names we can recall are Qrion (“Q”), and ilan Bluestone (“iB”)“.

Left to right: Spencer Brown, Qrion.


The track’s name comes from the name of the synth Spencer and Momiji played around with during the birth of this track, the Korg MS-20. Spencer says, during a jamming session, both simply messed with the analogue controller until something caught their attention, and kept it as the main hook.

If we had to recreate the track, it would be impossible. The synth was not quantized to any sort of grid. We captured the randomness of exploring the synth like children while catching up on our personal lives, and ’20ms’ was born once we programmed a strong groove.

-Spencer Brown

A hot Techno-Progressive track like we’re used to from these two, ’20ms’ kicks off with a solid, hard beat. Claves, kicks, hats, and claps, are more than enough to set the vibe for the track. Qrion’s signature chopped vocals come in right after, and then we start to hear the hook. Rubbery, bouncy, erratic, unpredictable, but certainly, very catchy.

The break introduces melodic elements, like a subtle background pad. And the drop that follows is a perfect blend of Imhotep-face dancing moves and melodic bliss. The groove sits right alongside a gorgeous ambience that shines like sunlight peaking through the clouds.


Listen to Spencer Brown and Qrion’s fire latest collaboration ’20ms’ down below! Head over to the Spotify button for your play, or click here to support the song any other way you like.