Spotify May Introduce Feature To Toggle Personal Recommendations

Spotify’s mandatory personalized recommendations may soon be history! The digital streaming giant appears to be testing a method to turn off the same. A toggle that switches off personalized recommendations has been found in beta code. It is apparently testing this version with a small number of users.

An ‘incognito mode’ could be made available which will be imperative for this to work. This mode would ensure to turn off the listening history to suggest recommendations. The foundation of Spotify’s personal recommendations feature is based out of a user’s songs and playlists over the current period of time. Its algorithms merge listening history with one’s favorite listening genres, artists, playlists. A list of recommendations is then churned out basis of these combinations.

On the matter, we found a user on the Spotify Community who recalls, “I have a premium Spotify account and a music playlist that I personally curated. Recently I noticed random songs being played when I listen to my own playlist—songs I do not like“. They then add, “When I go to check what this is, I see that it is a Spotify recommendation. I don’t like the playlist I make for myself being messed up by these Spotify recommendations“.

“It’s making it impossible for me to listen to music because I have to constantly say ‘what is this song’ when I just want to let my own playlists rock”

An User on Spotify Community

Spotify is still understood to beevaluating the ability. There is no official confirmation that the feature will make its way to the current or any upcoming version of the app. The digital platform has a history of testing features over the years on a trial basis which have not seen the light of day.