Spotify’s Snake Game: A Fun Twist on Nostalgia

Unveiling a Hidden Gem

Long before the dawn of Pokémon GO and Candy Crush, one game dominated our phones: good old-fashioned Snake. Now, music streaming service Spotify has added a delightful surprise for its users: a version of the classic game hidden within its mobile app. Let’s dive into the excitement of this hidden gem.

The “Eat this playlist” Feature: A Playful Journey

The “Eat this playlist” feature, cleverly concealed in the playlist options menu, opens up a simple yet engaging Snake game. This game offers an interactive experience, allowing you to create your own custom soundtrack to the classic Snake. As you guide a white triangle across the screen, reminiscent of the original ‘snake,’ you collect various albums from your selected playlist. Each album collected expands the ‘snake,’ dynamically changing the background song, resulting in a lively and sometimes chaotic soundtrack. The simplicity of the game’s design, featuring basic graphics and minimal color, adds to its nostalgic charm.

How to Begin: Navigating the Game

Firstly, to access this fun feature, Spotify users need only select a playlist. Secondly, they need to click on the three dots located next to the save option at the top of the page. Thirdly, they scroll down to the bottom of the options page and select “Eat this playlist” to open the Snake game. Furthermore, for the best experience, noughties playlists evoke a sense of nostalgia. Additionally, a dramatic video game soundtrack playlist elevates the gaming experience, delivering high-tension action. In conclusion, what you listen to affects gameplay. Happy gaming.

[H/T] – Creative Bloq