StayLoose Flips Louis The Child's Hit "Better Not"

With a little help from his friend Freddy from Louis The Child, StayLoose flipped the boys’ 2018 chart-topper “Better Not”.  The Denver native stayed true to the soft intro of the original track, but added his own style of guitar synth that lead into the beautiful vocals of Wafia.  However, once the drop hits StayLoose takes over the track with a festival-friendly sound.  The next verse switches to a more up-tempo melody, making this flip as dance worthy as the original.  

“I met Freddy from @louisthechild back in 2014 on the interwebs and we quickly became friends over common interests in music and later worked together on a remix for Chiefs called “Inside Out”. A lot has changed since then and the boys are now massive! 
When I heard “Better Not” I immediately fell in love with the song and the message. The original production is absolutely perfect in my opinion, so there was no way I was going to compete with that, but I wanted to make a little edit that I would play in my sets because I love it so much. Thanks Freddy for sending me the vocal.”