Steve Angello: Swedish House Mafia will play Tomorrowland 2019 'by any means necessary'

Sources with insight on Swedish House Mafia‘s future moves don’t get any more veritable than Steve Angello.

A series of posters bearing three consecutive Adidas logos recently appeared in London, further fueling speculation that the Swedish supergroup would soon announce a 2019 tour given the posters’ resemblance to those that appeared in Miami just before SHM’s reunion at Ultra 20.

While Swedish House Mafia’s comeback at Ultra‘s 20th anniversary celebration might very well have been the worst kept ‘secret’ of 2018, an ensuing Swedish House appearance–whether in the form of a tour of in that of a Tomorrowland 2019 performance–could be the 2019 equivalent.

Angello recently chatted with Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, during which he told the source that the group would play Tomorrowland 2019 “by any means necessary.” Angello’s comment crystallizes the long suspected, but formally unconfirmed return of the trio, despite a lack of formal affirmation from Tomorrowland festival organizers.

Tomorrowland has not released the dates of its 2019 production, but given Angello’s remark, tickets to the Boom, Belgium based affair can only be expected to sell out with increased rapidity next year if “means” prove propitious.

Feature image: Rukes