Steve Aoki’s Remix of Suga and MAX’s “Blueberry Eyes”

EDM maestro Steve Aoki unveiled his remix of Suga and MAX‘s “Blueberry Eyes” on November 12, 2020. The original “Blueberry Eyes” came out in September and since then, it has gained more than 40 million streams worldwide. On its September 15th release date, it debuted at #1 on iTunes worldwide, trended No. 1 on Twitter in the US, took the No. 1 spot on YouTube’s Hot List.

Additionally, “Blueberry Eyes” appeared on the cover of Apple Music’s “New Music Daily” playlist as well. Recently, Spotify also added “Blueberry Eyes” on its “Today’s Top Hits” playlist. Surely, Steve Aoki’s remix of Suga and MAX’s “Blueberry Eyes”, which is a now a global hit, will equally excite everyone just like the original.

The process behind “Blueberry Eyes”

As noted, MAX collaborated with Suga from BTS, the world’s most-famous K-Pop group, on producing “Blueberry Eyes”. The music video got its inspirations from Disney and Wes Anderson films and it also co-stared MAX’s wife, Emily. When working on “Blueberry Eyes”, MAX also learned Korean in order to rap Suga’s verse during live performances and lip sync it in the music video.

As for the music video for Steve Aoki’s remix, it had a very retro, ’80s-style vibe. The music video for this fantastic remix provided a mellow feeling that perfectly resonated with the video’s background. What to look out for in this remix is Steve Aoki’s amazing skills on the keyboard, free-flowing synths and of course, MAX’s delightful rapping talent in Korean.

Download and stream the remix

After reading this review, download and stream Steve Aoki’s remix of “Blueberry Eyes” by clicking on this link.