Stream Informer: Navigating The Wild West Of DJ Streams

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic dance floors around the world have mostly been forced to close. Here in Australia we have started to the see rebirth of a few but, the dance music world is still dominated by streams.

‘Stream Informer’ (known anonymously as ‘SI’) started as an Instagram page with the aim of helping boost the community’s reach during a difficult time in club culture’s history.

It’s daily livestream schedules feature a carefully curated list of prominent artists from around the world. Whether it be on live streaming platforms such as HOR Berlin or radio shows on NTS the page does an incredible job of putting together a very in-depth daily post.

SI mentioned how special it is when “you sit back and realise how much is happening around stream world, even if we can’t be together on the dance floor … with clubs shut, the community really needs this resource to rally behind and the response has been incredible.”

With clubs closed the dance music scene is starved of the experiences we all love … late nights, sweaty dance floors and loud sound systems. Although streams can’t recreate these moments SI believes they can give the audience some sort of experience.

“A stream is a stream, which is great in itself, but when the chat gets involved, the community really comes alive and it’s truly a beautiful thing” SI joked that you don’t really chat on the dance floor … or at least you shouldn’t it’s for dancing, “But for livestreams the chat is what makes it so special, it’s like the smoke room, outdoor area or the chillout part of a club, yet you’re still fully in the main music space during these livestreams.”

“Right now everyone is really starved of that community aspect, so when everyone comes together in the chat, people see their friends in the chat that they used to see at parties, or meet new people, they share ideas again and it can also get quite emotional”. Live streams have been a regular occurrence online since the pandemic hit with certain organisations curating online events with high levels of production. Some have even moved into the realm of the online game with hosts using Minecraft or Grand Theft Auto servers to develop online festivals and clubs.

When I first spoke to SI we spoke about the future for Stream Informer, “Now it’s become a great resource we want to do everything in our power to keep supporting these artists. Launching a website has always been the first step in getting more established”.

SI mentioned that they were looking to start their own live streams but wanted to ensure they could run a professional and seamless experience. Since then they have put this into place and teamed up with the crew at Shipping Media who are a constant livestream feed and database supporting a wide variety of arts. First up on their own stream was a line up of SI’s favourite acts including; Day Cart & Wig-Wam, Ron Like Hell, CCL and CIEL.

Although they do not make up for the absence of real dance floors, streams are playing a key role in keeping many aspects of scene moving. SI mentioned how many great relationships they have made since opening their platform, “But the only thing that matters to me is that these artists feel supported in the right way and that the community can come together to find each other. That’s really what this is all about. And it’s really amazing to see it all happen.”

Check out Stream Informer on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.