Stream Travis Scott's collaborative heavy new album, 'Astroworld'

One might say it’s hip-hop’s world this year, and we’re just living in it. Consider Kanye‘s string of Good Music releases or Drake‘s record-breaking new album for just a moment, and it’s obvious the genre’s having an inconceivable moment in the limelight. Hip-hop’s punk as hell, and an appealing escape vessel in today’s socio-political environment that’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate.

Travis Scott has become the latest to dominate streaming services, and soon airwaves, worldwide with the release of his new album Astroworld. It is the Houston-born rapper’s third full-length and his first solo release since 2016’s Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight. With the words of the record’s co-producer, Mike Dean, who announced the release on Twitter with the phrase, “You’re gonna shit your fucking pants,” in mind, it’s a heavy listen — an aptly thrilling ride for its theme park cover.

A long list of album credits includes Frank Ocean (on “Carousel”), Pharrell Williams, Tame Impala (on “Skeletons”), James Blake, John Mayer, Thundercat, Drake, more, and even an homage to the legendary DJ Screw thrown in the mix. It’s one of the summer’s most exciting releases yet, and definitely a must-listen for all.