Suark x Taao Kross x Cameron Paul – Moonlight

• Vocals, the pinnacle of this track
• Minimal techno characteristics

• Basic but effective schematics

Usually, Smash The House’s uploads go unnoticed by me. The same can be said about their underrepresented sub-labels. For some obvious reasons, my interest in the label founded by Dimitri Vegas and Dis-like Mike has waned over time. So, I randomly looked at Gen Smash: Nothing. Then, Green Room: best to stay away. After that comes a rather interesting candidate, that being Smash Deep.

 Unexpectedly, “Moonlight” caught me unawares with its astonishing vocal performance, probably made by the debutant Cameron Paul along with Swiss producer Suark and Spanish act Taao Kross (fun fact: I discovered Taao was born in the same city as me: Cartagena).

I must say, Cameron carries all the weight of this production with his vivid presence, a groove-laden one with changes in between the drops.

There’s minimalist attitude with the sound-selection and mainstream vibes from the vocal fit impressively well. The first drop is explosive with a big shift in the rhythm tagged along by ambient vocal chops. Another notable feature arrives with a progressive cadence and longer build-up. Following parts are unexpected as well with tribal percussions, which comes slightly off but the attempt at blending Afro House with Tech is decently likeable.

If you’re even remotely interested with the sub-imprint or Deep House in general, “Moonlight” is worth listening as it’s unpredictable but fresh outcome. Whether you love or hate it, Smash does sign quality music pretty often.

You can listen to “Moonlight” here:

Smash The House · Suark x Taao Kross x Cameron Paul – Moonlight