Subshock & Evangelos – Get Out My Head

• Speedhouse in all its shimmering glory!
• Simplistic but well-ordered structure
• Jazzy vocals alongside SSXEV’s notable trademark

Containing a myriad of distinctive artists in their latest collaborative EP titled “New Blood 4”, Crucast has teamed-up with both known and unknown talents. Reputed duo Subshock & Evangelos are in the list as well with “Get Out My Head“, and thanks to them being involved, I came across this great compilation via their Instagram account. Leaving aside these details, the track is an incredible testimony to the fact on why this duo has shown remarkable production quality as Speedhouse experts.

If you had intended to get a prep time before what hits, there is none. They drop the bomb as soon you press the play button, without any delay. The composition is laced with the requisite percussion presence, such as the hi-hats or snares that are truly pleasant along with the brutal bassline on the platter (almost reminding me of the Russian Hard Bass genre), topped with an incredible funky vocal that serves as an astonishing introductory element for this vicious tune.

With a rude and abrupt attitude, the build-up segment can be expected to carry similar aggressiveness. This goes quite contrary here, as admirably they chose for a minimal elevation towards the hard-striking portions, denying textbook arrangements from this style of music. Initiating with the personal trademarks SXEV is best known for, the brutal synths provide just a peek of the chaos ahead. After that, my anticipation for an usual and explosive combination of drums and others, but I found that it begins from the bottom to the top, adding ingredients as if it was a recipe for delightful dancefloor number. Blasting with strong kicks and concluding with a structure present in their other songs, this surprising decision adds more ingenuity and intensity to the mentioned instrumental.

For avoiding cliches of looping the same melody for the whole drop, the first one starts with a teaser of a hook, deliberately intending that it is missing a part, mostly because of its rhythm with the kick. As soon as the other items materialize, the cadence takes its fuller form to demonstrate its stamina, ironically unjustifying the title as it rather chooses to get stuck in your head.

You can listen to “Get Out My Head” here:

CRUCAST · Subshock & Evangelos – Get Out Of My Head