Subshock & Evangelos x MIDNIGHT CVLT – NEXT

• Brutal synths, a noteworthy trademark
• Splendid vocals powering the build-up
• Vibrant trap segment

I will admit that calling myself admirer is an understatement for this particular song, and fanboy/fanatic would be the more proper term. Subshock and Evangelos are perhaps the best DJ duo in my opinion, as they have kept an impressive record of releasing over eleven tracks this year, either in collaboration or solo. My anticipation grew further when I heard of another work-together between MIDNIGHT CVLT, an enigmatic producer based in Spain who is quickly rising in the scene. After the excellent “2077” collaboration, they have introduced us to “NEXT”, which is plenty to talk about. Alright, ‘Fanboy mode’ disabled, let’s talk about the aspects of this creative production in brief.

The major highlight in this work would be its inception, right when from the unexpected it grabs attention with the retrowave synths, which befits the instrumental even if the focused genre is different. The vocal and the rhythm need not be talked about, as they form an excellent bridge for the enormous drop ahead of this portion of the song.

Bursting in with a simplicity and satisfying arrangements, the gritty and distorted to the teeth synth riffs hit with all power, and even if I miss their characteristic backspin sound, it does not deter this one being an absolute dance-floor wrecker. The drop is undoubtedly filled in with a dynamic atmosphere and rave nuances to carry it forward in a striking gusto and energy. However, this doesn’t end here completely, with a vigorous second part which brings in Trap groove, complementing this number further with the requisite aggressiveness.
My only complaint with this otherwise meticulous song would be its repetitive nature which could have been substantiated with something else perhaps, nevertheless there are elements which caught my attention and termed generic. The trio involved has done a great work on this, now a worthy sequel would be perfect to complete a trilogy of such compelling team-work!

You can listen to “NEXT” here: