‘Subtle DJ Traits’ is the page every DJ has to follow

It doesn’t matter if you’re headlining in the clubs or mixing bangers in your bedroom, there’s a whole heap of unspoken moves or things that we or someone you know all consciously, or subconsciously pull out on the reg.

While conveniently these have been forever hidden away in your head and remain unspoken, some smart cookie has kicked off the Facebook page ‘Subtle DJ Traits’ and followers of the page have begun airing these often hilarious quirks.

Some are obvious, some less so but all are equally hilarious especially when you know you’re guilty of a few! From finishing your set with an extremely difficult track to mix to copping that invoice 3 month late.

In an effort to streamline things check out twelve of the best ‘Subtle DJ Traits’ below;

We know we’ve done or been privy to a number of these over the years. What about you??