Surfing the Wave of Musical Evolution: An Interview with Surf Mesa

Riding The Crest Of ‘Come True’

As the electronic music world buzzes with excitement, Surf Mesa, the mastermind behind the sensational debut EP Come True, sits down with us to delve into his musical journey. Released under the prestigious Astralwerks label, Come True is a melodic odyssey. It flaunts collaborations with a roster of talented artists like Whethan, WILHELM, and SUPER-Hi. Moreover, Surf Mesa, who skyrocketed to fame with his 2x-Platinum hit ‘ily (i love you baby)‘, has sculpted a soundscape that resonates with over 12 billion global streams. Today, we’re set to uncover the layers of his artistry and gaze into the horizon of his musical future.

Unveiling The Artistic Vision Of Surf Mesa

  1. Exploring Future Collaborations: Your debut EP showcases an array of collaborations. Looking ahead, which artists are you eager to work with, and how do you envision these partnerships shaping your musical evolution?
    • When considering collaborations, my focus is on the music itself, always advocating for the art. Engaging with other artists is particularly exciting due to their unique perspectives on a song. Establishing a confident chemistry where our sounds blend to create a compelling sonic world is crucial. I aspire to collaborate with artists such as Troye Sivan, ROLE MODEL, SG Lewis, Petit Biscuit, Tinlicker, and more. The fusion of alternative-style vocals with a melodic driving sound is especially inspiring and aligns with my musical direction.
  2. Reflecting on ‘Come True’: As “Come True” marks a significant milestone in your career, how do you believe it reflects your growth as an artist? Are there any tracks that are particularly meaningful to you?
    • Following the success of “ily,” releasing the Come True EP was a fulfilling endeavor, marking a significant step in my artistic journey. This collection represents a cohesive sound, something I hadn’t explored before but found essential to my artistic expression. The positive reception fuels my desire to create more and continue evolving.
  3. Beyond Genre Boundaries: Your music seamlessly blends genres. Moving forward, are you planning to venture into new musical territories or styles? What does the future hold for Surf Mesa’s sonic journey?
    • I aim to perpetually evolve musically, considering it inevitable and essential for sustainability. While my music will always retain my signature style, the excitement and confidence in exploration remain paramount. As I progress, I anticipate experimenting with new musical territories and styles, ensuring each creation reflects my artistic identity.
  4. Connecting with Fans: With “Come True” set to enchant a global audience, how do you aim to forge a deeper connection with your fans through your music? What experiences or messages do you hope they will derive from this EP?
    • The release of Come True has provided opportunities to deeply connect with my global audience. The dream activations during the campaign, where fans submitted ideas to my website, have been particularly gratifying. From DJing together at my release party to winning exclusive merchandise and FaceTime calls, involving fans in these experiences has added a meaningful layer to the project.
  5. Envisioning the Future: What exciting projects or endeavors can your fans look forward to? Do you have any personal goals or aspirations you’re aiming for in your upcoming musical journey?
    • Looking ahead, I aspire to enhance the live aspects of my shows, creating more vibrant and memorable experiences. Releasing cohesive projects that afford creative freedom and gain fan support is a key goal. Ultimately, I aim to build a community around my art and, explore ventures like opening a surf shop/ ventures outside of music. My purpose extends beyond personal expression; I want fans to interpret and connect with my work in their unique ways, fostering a strong and supportive community.

The Future Looks Bright For Surf Mesa

Firstly, as our conversation with Surf Mesa concludes, it’s evident that his journey is just beginning. Secondly, with Come True setting a new benchmark in his career, Mesa’s dedication to his craft and his vision for future projects promise a thrilling ride for his fans. Additionally, his plans to explore new collaborations, venture into uncharted musical territories, and deepen his connection with his audience ensure that the wave he’s riding is far from cresting. Furthermore, stay tuned to EDMTunes for more insights and updates from the world of Electronic music.

Lastly, if you’re not yet a fan, prepare to be after listening to this EP. In conclusion, Surf Mesa’s Come True is out now via Astralwerks, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

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