Sweater Beats is making the pop-punk remixes you didn’t know you needed

For all you EDM punters who have that sly emo night alter-ego pumping through your veins, this producer’s the one for you, appropriate enough to tell all your EDM frothin’ friends without being exiled from the festival group chat.

LA-based producer, Sweater Beats has produced some stellar original tracks like Faded Away ft. Icona Pop and Enemy ft. Sorana but is also killing it by taking pop punk to another level. His remixes this year featuring some wicked future bass.

We were taken back to our days of crushing hard over Pete Wentz with his rework of Fall Out Boy’s groovier banger, HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T, which earned him the recognition he deserves. Sweater Beats has now released a track in ode to long time influencers, Panic At The Disco, who personally asked to have their newest track, Say Amen, Sweater Beat-ified.

The track features the familiar vocals of Brendon Urie accompanied by some heavy basslines to seamlessly integrate the two distinct genres. We’re very much into it but a suggestion we’d like to make is a throwback remix of I Write Sins Not Tragedies pls.

Catch the future bass for yourselves here: