Szarr Revives His Dreams With New Single “Reaching for the Sun”

Brilliant Swiss singer-songwriter, Szarr, unveils his latest gem, “Reaching for the Sun.” Following previous singles like “coldest nights,” “Tócame,” “Love Is Raw,” and “Collide,” the song delves into the daily challenges of white-collar workers, who find themselves trapped in depressing jobs. The musician’s revelation, sparked by the notion that time is limited and invaluable, infuses this inspiring track, pushing listeners to chase after their passions and engage in things that bring them a sense of vitality and bliss.

Szarr’s latest single emanates from a period in his life where he was prompted to return to his full-time job. Long workdays and night shifts became his reality once again, evoking a profound sense of sadness and anger. Like many others, the artist found himself trading precious hours of the day in something that offered no fulfillment. Seeking solace, he retreated to his studio, channeling his emotions into the heartfelt song, "Reaching for the Sun."

In a fascinating fusion of electronic synths and exotic Middle Eastern instrumentation, Szarr crafts a musical collage that emphasizes on the absurdity of exchanging one's existence for material wealth, “We trade life for paper/ just to live it out later/ into the wild we are running/ into the nature we are free/ I don't know how we end up here/ do we wait until we disappear?/ Don't know how we ended up here/ chasing things that will just disappear/ Let's reclaim our power/ Cuz' time is a treasure.”

"Reaching for the Sun" will soon be accompanied by a captivating music video directed by the talented videographer and director Omri Klein. The visuals will be a treat for the eyes, as they tell a compelling story of a man stuck in a dreary office, drained by his work and longing for freedom. As he realizes the fleeting nature of life, Szarr yearns to break free from chains, escaping into the embrace of nature, and experiencing the joy of being alive.

Listen to “Reaching for the Sun” below: