TBR – The Sound

• New label, classic brand?
• Hard-hitting quality TranceRoom schematics
• Keeping aside ambiguities about the future, there is yet hope!

In a rather dicey move, the young German producer TBR has placed his bets by inaugurating his own imprint gloriously titled the “RetroFuture”. Debuting it is another Tranceroom explosive “The Sound”, filled to brim with usual crowd-hoarding supersaw synths and an energetic presentation to kickstart the brand.

The courage displayed by this artist is fascinating, but this provides with a remainder of skepticism for me: is it the right time for such an important move?

TBR is an important member of the Tranceroom community, with releases ranging from underground labels such as Intensity to leading ones like Smash The House. That being said, he still has to achieve a veritable stat (by no means 60k monthly listeners is less or average) to commandeer an entire label. His talents are downright genuine, yet needs the experience and progress to evolve into something unique; he has yet to establish a distinguished signature in a niche where commonplace sounds have been circulated long enough.

RetroFuture’s trademark, at moment of penning, don’t attribute to anything in particular: cyberpunk aesthetics are a fad nowadays. The commencing addition, au contraire, manages to entertain with exploration of TBR’s creative efforts that results as interesting, although without coloring outside the lines. That is well-designed Tranceroom, equipped with a catchy synth riff that hooks right off the bat, and a bouncy bassline that represents the creator’s specialty in this field.

This article may be interpreted as a gibe at TBR’s project, but I assure that my intentions lie merely about his decision and sharing the uncertainties, which could perhaps be helpful. Remember, I had my qualms with Rave Culture regarding its predictable line-up, and that remark aged worse than sour milk. If TBR and RetroFuture ends up obtaining their exclusive soundscape for standing out, I will be more than happy to review further any latest releases from them!

You can listen to “The Sound” here:

TBR · TBR – The Sound