Tchami and Malaa Bestow Their New Single ‘Barbarian’ On Us

French artists Tchami and Malaa have released their newest single, ‘Barbarian‘, just in time for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The track boasts a dark, thumping sound that will get dance floors grooving all night.

‘Barbarian’ is a testament to Tchami and Malaa’s skill; they’ve made waves in the House music scene for years. The track features a driving bassline, haunting synths, and a pounding beat that will get party-goers moving to the rhythm.

Moreover, the haunting synths give the track a dark and mysterious vibe, while the bassline and beat are pure House. Tchami and Malaa are renowned for delivering unforgettable performances and music together. In addition to releasing many new songs, the duo is also making the rounds with their No Redemption performance concept.

With the release of ‘Barbarian’, Tchami and Malaa have once again proven that they are forces to be reckoned with in House music. The track promises to be a smash hit at New Year’s Eve parties worldwide; stay tuned for more from the talented artists.

Photo via Facebook: Tchami