TEJEDA Brings Tech House Banger To The Table On ‘Like This’

Listen to a banging piece we recently came across.

Fridays are for music. Anticipating the weekend, playlists are updated as the hours fly by. Contributing to that feeling, we didn’t want to fall short of the vibe, and we found the right tune to get you ready for the days ahead, even more so if you’re already on a break due to Thanksgiving. Meet TEJEDA.


Gabriel Tejeda, in the business known as TEJEDA, is a DJ and producer from Chicago, who specialises in Tech House. The Icon Collective graduate has been DJing since he was 12, and that was a decade and a half ago. You can tell he has a burning passion for Electronic music.

“As an electronic dance music artist, my vision is to create a journey that transcends boundaries and resonates with people’s souls.”


Tejeda has released a handful of songs on a variety of labels such as Electronic Future, G-Mafia, and LFTD to name a few. Inspired by Kaskade, Chris Lake, Mau P, and alike, he’s decanted onto a very own style of groovy Tech House. And on that note, that’s what his single ‘Like This’ is all about.

‘Like This’

Huge and powerful, TEJEDA’s track is all about wrecking the clubs and igniting the dancefloors. ‘Like This’ features big-sounding trumpets, chopped vocals, a simple looped melody, and tons, tons of tension.

The drops are nothing short of mesmerizing, with an infectious beat that only demonstrates Gabriel’s craft. Enjoy the dirty percussion, the sidechained elements, and, of course, the pounding kick driving the tune forward.

“In My latest project release “Like This”, I aim to capture a feeling of intense high energy added to a super groovy bassline that’ll make you want to dance!”


Listen to TEJEDA’s work on ‘Like This’ by clicking the Spotify button we’ve provided. Also, be sure to follow him on his socials. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and reviews from our beloved EDM industry.