The Best Electronic Dance Music Mix of 2020

We are back with the best electronic dance music mix of the year. This time we have David Giza on vocals and his bandmate from the electro-swing band, Skyloft, is here with them, Albertacon. They are both great singers and very musical and this mix is definitely a high point of the year for EDM. Enjoy.

One of the things that I have really come to appreciate over the years about electronic dance music is the variety of it that there is out there. It used to be all about jungle and hip-hop and now there are entire clubs out there that play nothing but house and techno. It is becoming more interesting to listen to new albums and to try new ones. So who knows, you may be the next person that comes up with the best electronic dance music mix of the year.

This is my favorite song this year by far, it is called Lose Yourself in the Club. It is just so amazing that such a beautiful song can make me feel like I’m losing myself in the club. One of the producers that worked on this track was Alexx James, he has been around since the early 90’s and has worked with many artists before coming to Tiesto. The man has a deep knowledge of electronic dance music and a true sense of what can make a song a hit.

Now for some reason this track never made the cut this year. Could be because it didn’t do as well as expected. But it is still worth checking out. The producers, Aaron Clarke and Will Jay, did a phenomenal job on this and it has a very “roid like” vibe to it. It is my favorite electronic dance music mix of all time and if you are a fan of this genre then you will defiantly want to add this to your collection.

The beat maker at CD Baby has put together a fantastic electronic dance music beat for this song. It starts out slow and then goes into a really fast build up and breakdown. As a DJ, I love these sorts of songs because they allow me to not worry about the music falling apart during set time. Instead, I let the beat continue to build interest and anticipation for the crowd to come and join the fun.

This song is from the album “EDM Anniversary” and is featuring a collaboration between Avicii and Kaskade. It is my favorite of the entire collection. You can feel the energy through the lyrics and the beat. If you are looking for a certain EDM beat, this might not be it, but if you are looking for a song that has a heavy beat and just a touch of creativity, then this is for you.

This electronic music beat is a collaborative effort between two different producers. It was produced by Avicii and Kaskade through the use of Pro tools. What makes this song so special is the fact that the two DJs who made it are able to create something that sounds completely unique as each and every part were programmed differently. In this music mix, the beat is repetitive but not repetitive enough to get boring.

This is my favorite song of the entire year and falls in the top five of my entire EDM list. If you have been waiting to hear what the big new is going to be this year, this may be the one for you. There are other songs that deserve to be in this electronic music mix though, such as “Touch”, “Paparazzi” and “Ellen”.