‘The First NYD’ has dropped three big names for their New Year’s Day event

A new New Year’s Day festival in Melbourne has been slowly leaking acts ahead of their first announce and let’s just say, if these are anything to go by, the festival’s going to be absolutely massive. Heading the bill so far we’ve been given just three names: The PresetsKiNK and Action Bronson.

For those of you not in the know, here’s a quick run down for what that means, one of the biggest Australian electronic acts of all time (The Presets) one of the biggest names in house and techno (KiNK) and let’s not pretend anyone’s not in the know about who Action Bronson is. Literally one of the largest (figuratively and literally) pop culture icons right now.

We’re low key at the edge of our seats waiting for this mysterious festival to shine some lights on what’s happening, because as it stands we’ve only got a Facebook page, a location and three absolutely huge acts.

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