The king of UKG returns with the charming tune so far; this is the incredibly groovy and suave “Moonlight”!

• Laid-back UK Garage
• Intricate percussion sequencing
• nostalgic and retro-esque melodies

The UK-based moniker Sammy Virji has propelled into the spotlight in the last three years, collaborating with other UKG headliners such as MPH, salute, and Oppidan; his name can be attributed to a fresh and vibrant strain of UKG. Stumbling onto the British act last year during his release of another gem called “Peach” (with salute), we have a similar style and feeling in “Moonlight”, which released last week. This one immediately compelled me to write a review on it!

Starting, we are introduced to the ever-popular four-on-the-floor drum layout, impeccably crafted. He applies a multitude of varied percussive sounds that complement the drums flawlessly— making them lively, brisk and giving them a certain tonal character. Overall, the percussions sound satisfying, and in turn have a bouncy quality, boosting the enjoyability by tenfolds. The same drums echo almost throughout the entire six minutes— which does sound repetitive on paper— in contrast, Sammy’s talented techniques keep them exceptionally catchy and pleasant.

The steady and moderated build-up of chords and melodies leads to the first drop, which uses an ‘airy’ main lead in the backdrop, excelling in evoking a cozy and nostalgic feel. There are serene hums and vocalizations in the vocals enhancing the ethereal emotion, as the complex and intricate drums provide the supporting rhythm. In this way, the song succeeds in being both dreamy and danceable, filled with a robust groove!

In the midsection, the said producer allows the track for a breather: the drums are discarded for a while, and we get mesmerizing chords playing beside the vocals and minimal kicks and claps. This turns into the second drop, my favorite part of this tune. Right before the drop, the vocal does a humming solo, and then the beat drops with magnificent key change; while the melodies are slightly prominent in this drop, it is mostly the same as the preceding one, and yet the level of fulfillment I got out of it is equal, if not more.

“Moonlight” sticks to a linear and standard layout, yet every single instrument present in this is woven seamlessly together making it such an entertaining and feel-good experience. This type of style needs more exposure in the EDM scene, which combines rhythm, energy, and an easygoing sound so well. This one’s a total success in my eyes (or should I say ears), and has got me excited to see what else Sammy Virju has in store for this year!

You can listen to “Moonlight” here: