The Qatar 2022 World Cup Begins!

While preparing an article centered on the football World Cup in Qatar, which begins today, I found a relevant (and nice) tune to keep in the background while writing, as a lucky coincidence!

WHAT THE PHONK and 6SIXSIX conspired together to bring phonk to Qatar with their song “World Cup”, released via Tribal Trap. Since this is already a rather peculiar edition of the competition, organized at the onset of winter and with a record number of polemic and controversial news disclosing, the darker and eerie vibes sum up the situation precisely.

While this is not the appropriate time to shed light on human rights, corruption, or likewise, I would like to presume that music, be it the World Cup anthem (“Hayya Hayya“, not bad) or this Phonk release (or who knows), will bring something I feel amiss in this World Cup. I hope to be wrong, yet it is harder to see how soccer is uniting people despite the aggressive marketing tactics trying to sideline conflicts around the ethics of the tournament.

Ah, about the song. Enthused and energetic, the structure contains the usual vocal looping and a fascinating melodic pattern: another appreciable pick from the Tribal Trap, as the duo shares a great sonic chemistry together.

So, while waiting for Qatar vs Ecuador, this track gets an easy suggestion as it sets the mood!

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